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Hi Folks,

Thinking of fitting an EGT probe to our Defender 300 Tdi - Probably via the blank plate where an EGR would fit as this would not require any drilling/tapping of any manifolds, etc...

Liking the idea of one of the round VDO gauges (with or without limit warning - not decided) to match other gauges.

Looking for some recommendations of a EGT probe that would be suitable and any advice on how to fit.

Appreciate that there are lots of other kits options around but keen on a VDO gauge.

Thanks in advance,


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You’ll struggle to find a VDO one , only ones I could find in the vision range were from Australia. I’ve got a stack one fitted in the 110 200tdi that’s a nice gauge , but gone for one of those oblong digital ones in the 300tdi .

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2 hours ago, Sigi_H said:

I use an EGT indicator like that from an aircraft. It works without any additional voltage supply.

The same item on UK ebay
It appears to have the same snag in either language, no EGT probe that would be suitable, or any advice on how to fit.

In general, the 'standard' probe is a K type thermocouple, but the indicator has to be designed to accept it.
I have used such a probe, but not in a Defender 300 Tdi, so cannot add more specific guidance.


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Some years ago, while still living in UK, I fitted a VDO EGT gauge and I believe the part number was 310 153, and a matching VDO sender.  This was a K type thermocouple.  Can't remember who supplied it, but I don't think it came from Oz, but it may have come from US.


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Just found the details of where I ordered my EGT kit, but it was in 2009, so people/businesses may have changed.

Steve Wilson, Product Management  
Tel:                  +44 (0) 121 326 1271
Fax:                 +44 (0) 121 326 1297
Mobile:            +44 (0) 7768 934041
E-mail:            steve.wilson@continental-corporation.com

Best of luck,


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I've not bought from them yet, but I bookmarked these guys a while ago as they sell Inconel sheathed k-type sensors at very reasonable prices. Note the compression clamp mounts are sold seperately.

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