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A humorous trans-Atlantic view of British cars

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2 hours ago, steve b said:

'74 Pontiac 455 rust bucket money pit and a '67 Mustang 302 power hood straight from inland Florida original paint etc.  no rust , no issues at all - apart from selling it ...Doh

Have you still got the Mustang then ? I thought there would be a queue round the block for it !

Had a 66 Mustang 289 also with power hood, back in 1984, but it had been here since new, so not quite so good. More filler than metal, and had some BAD body mods. Thought it was great at the time. Engine was great, but spent the few months I had it pop riveting plates underneath and covering with lots of underseal. Someone made me an offer I couldnt understand, so sold it.

A mate had a Starsky and Hutch Torino, 76 ? With a 400 engine that he spent a fortune on. The car broke in half across the floorpan due to rust. I bought the engine off him and had it until year before last, for one of those projects  that never materialized !


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