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HELP needed - B&S Engine dead

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Right - Mods, please feel free to move / delete this but I'm really in need of some help with this project..

Perhaps somebody here know - you guys are a fountain of knowledge..





This is the Mrs. her Garden Attack Tool.

A serious machine that died and we are in need of some help getting a gasket for the carb.

Any idea what type of engine this is / gasket we need ?

Thanks !!!

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That is one old Hayter - I suspect it would be quicker and easier to make what you need  , at a guess I'd say that could be 40 years old or more . 

If you haven't recently checked the underside of the deck then do so before getting into the engine/carb , these have an aluminium disc that the cutting flail blades mount to and over time the ally disc cracks around the flail mounting holes making it potentially very dangerous .

I think the engines were 8hp ? 


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Thank you - that is a good idea......

I'll have a look to see how the underside is. Old doesn't mean bad - it is a beast of a machine - but the engine is not happy.


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They will cut almost anything to mulch , but that ally disc does get much stick and I suspect work hardened over time and worth a close check . There is not much to the carbs , throttle spindle wear being the most obvious and float needle valve function too 

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You may find loads of bits on e-bay but due to its age be careful to identify what you really need.

Many B&S engines have strange inlet VALVE timing to make them easy to start (low compression) - which enables them to use enormous amounts of fuel.  So if when you spin it over it seems to have no compression - this is normal.


Has it got a spark?  Stop position shorts the magneto so make sure that the control isn't in that position.  If there's no spark - try cleaning the points.


They seem to need the carb flooding to start - it may have a 'tickler' on top of the float chamber - spring loaded button/rod - which should be operated before starting.  Later ones have a rubber pump operated by a squeezy bulb which is used to prime the engine when starting.


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Thats a Hayter 21, or possibly an Osprey. If you look at the engine cowling just above the spark plug, or possibly behind the air filter, you will  find stamped (not a sticker) "Model" "Type" and "Code" The first two digits of the code number tell you the year of engine manufacture, which will date the machine if it still has its original engine. It looks like it has. 

The first two digits of Model tell you the engine capacity in Cubic inches, but they were (and still are I believe) rated in old fashioned Horsepower.

You will have to quote this number for any spare parts for the engine. 

The normal things that stop these are a worn out cylinder bore (aluminium). Head gasket gone. No spark. I would have though it would have been converted to electronic module by now, but might still have points ? Fixed point is the condenser. Flywheel key sheared which alters ignition timing. Carburettor full of carp, either from fuel tank or water where its been standing idle.

Check for spark first, then clean out the carb.

Used to do this for a living..........

As Steve said, if this has got the rotary cutter (alloy disc) NEVER EVER use it without steel toecap boots. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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Thank you all !!!!!

Love this place - there is usually somebody know knows more than LR's and this is one of those examples !!

Once the freezing cold, snow, mud and other joys of Winter are gone I'll drag the thing out and have a close look. Parts are going to be a problem here in France as it is unlike UK..

I am considering going for some serious tools in the form of a mini-digger with a few atachments - like a rotary cutter - so sort this out for once and for all... (interested in a 1,5 tonnes hi pump capacity one..) as it is garden warfare here and the majority of machines just don't seem to cut it (..)

Also, finally, a power source for the ArgoCat has arrived so the Mrs. is pushing for getting that thing running again..


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.....Bobcat have some serious ground clearing warfare accessories , drum flails and rotary mulching heads . Most of them need an armoured cabin though :)

If you need anything post up and one of us might be able to source here in the UK and parcel post 

If things were more normal I'd offer you my Wessex 2.4m mulching topper as I don't have a use for it now , it does need 70hp at the pto though .

Smallfry is not wrong about the risks with rotary cutting machines , I started out as a Design and Manufacturing Engineer for a large groundcare manufacturer and destructive testing of blades and decks was mandatory to comply with standards 

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Hayter do not exist any more, except by name, so for the mower itself you are effectively stuck with Bripart type non genuine parts sadly.

B&S are no problem, and there is a dealer not far from me, if you get stuck. I can post them to you. They know how to charge though. There will not be any tariff.....................

I do remember having many problem with non genuine point sets, so if it still has them and you want to change, buy genuine. 

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