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Help! Front half shaft bearing 244150

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Probably a ninny question, but. The bearing I have taken out of the swivel joint has a cage both sides to stop the rollers from escaping, but the new replacement one only has a cage one side thus allowing the rollers from escaping the other side if the are not parallel. The new bearing was supplied with an inner race, which I guess I don't want and I throw away. Two questions arise; first, have I got the correct replacement bearing (can i get one with cages both sides?) and secondly, which side of the new bearing do I drift into the swivel joint (the cage side or the non-cage side?). Series 3 Lightweight. 1978. I'd be grateful for some guidance please............

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Thanks, Western. The inner race’s internal diameter is too small to the half shaft, which is the size of the external diameter. The old bearing ran with rollers directly to the half shaft but that was caged both sides of course. I think I’ll clean up the old bearing and grease it up. I bought 244150 but the package said 244150P in places whereas the bearing you have helpfully directed me to says 244150G. Hey ho. Again, thanks for your help. 

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