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Seat belt floor 'butterfly'

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This one almost certainly falls into the dumb question category, but I am in the process of replacing the rear Exmoor Trim folding seats on my Puma but can't for the life of me work out how to remove the 'butterfly' clip which is bolted to the floor, into which the two seat belt clasps fit. I can see no way of getting access to it from the underside, although there is clearly a nut there as opposed to a captive.

I have searched the site (plus others!) and haven't found any relevant posts, which leads me to believe that it must be something pathetically simple that I am overlooking. Photo of offending piece of metal attached.

Can anyone help?


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Is access to the underside restricted because the fuel tank is in the way?  If so, removing the fuel tank is your main option.

If you don't need to replace the 'butterfly', you could just cut the head of the bolt off with a disc-cutter?


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Yes exactly, the fuel tank is in the way and it seems a royal pita to remove it just for this, especially when it’s -2 outside. 

A bolt cutter it will be, just wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing the bleedin obvious. 

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