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2 hours ago, BogMonster said:

Depending on the configuration of the site and the building if you can put the doors in the ends then headroom for roller doors is less of a problem. My doors are 3m x 2.8m to fit the boat in and I was over-cautious on headroom inside because of the sloped approach and the boat A frame but there ended up being plenty of room. Don't forget it doesn't cost much to make a building a bit higher because mostly it's fresh air, the materials cost of making the walls a foot higher is very little. That's looking from the perspective of having built a timber framed garage but it should translate (more or less) into a constructed building as well as it is no more effort to build or erect a 3.5m high wall than it is to erect a 3m high wall.

Provided it doesn't require planning permission - permitted development in the UK (i.e. right to build without formal planning consent) is subject to height limits especially near boundaries.

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47 minutes ago, missingsid said:

I am so depressed now, I used to have a powered garage, now I only have a damp container!

A cheap 12v solar panel & a PC fan might help circulate some air, keep it less sweaty?

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On 1/16/2021 at 3:02 PM, Badger110 said:

I believe he was talking about cost, it’s a lot cheaper to go up a few feet than add foundations to extend it 

I was meaning once you get into needing planning consent what might have been a very cheap, hassle free job can rapidly escalate. Getting planning consent isn't a major cost considered as part of a major extension - it hurts if you're only doing a very small job.

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On 1/16/2021 at 7:45 PM, FridgeFreezer said:

A cheap 12v solar panel & a PC fan might help circulate some air, keep it less sweaty?

I used to have a large Ring solar panel but it was not as waterproof as I thought! The instructions do warn about that but being a bloke I did not read it all!

Did look at van rotary vents but they are £70 for a simple plastic fan and swivel!

As I am not looking to keep the battery charged as per the Ring one I will look at see what is around.


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