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"easy" eberspacher heater

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hello all , 


a long time ago i owned a winterissed landrover 110 , it was fitted with the eberspacher DBW46 heater , only 1 switch to turn it on ...

after searching the internet , i found that these are more or less obsoleet and parts a getting very expensive .


so what is a good alternative , i noticed that a lot of modern cars have heaters fitted , but probebly al use canbus .

if someone can give some pointers as to what cars have "user friendly" heathers that we can put in our landy's , i can have a rummage at the local breakers 

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A ThermoTop C is a good option.  They just switch on & off with a wire and are fitted to lots of cars so tend to be cheap, used.

Used is not a problem - they are dead easy to service so long as the major components work.  I bought one BMW X5 Aux Heater on eBay for £20 - and it worked fine!  The wiring loom had been hacked through but it's dead easy.

You can pick up ThermoTop Z heaters even cheaper.  The main difference is they are lower power than a C (arguably not what you want).  It's worth checking to see whether it's a C or Z as both were used in different BMW models - and I guess others too.

If it's supplied without a fuel or water pump, new ones can be had for the cheap Chinese heaters, which seem to work OK.  You will probably have those for your current one though.


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Most of the aftermarket Eberspacher/Webasto/Chinese clone heaters can be turned on with a simple switch or rheostat controller, but they also usually have the option of adding a more intelligent controller that talks over a bus to the heater.

Units pulled from cars as OEM fitment (Webasto water heaters being the common choice) are sometimes CAN-only (or K-line only, I forget) so look before you leap.

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