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Replacing inner sill rails on Puma 110

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I have an '08 Puma 110 std sw with 60k miles on it - noticed the inner sill rails at the bulkhead end are corroded badly. In my old 90 you could bolt replacements in and out but the rail on a 110 goes from the bulkhead all the way back to the C pillar.

I understand that you can unbold the bulkhead end but then need to drill out the spot welds on the b and c pillars to remove and then fit and re-weld etc. Sounds a right faff and whilst I can do the bolting and unbolting bit the welding is well beyond me.

I presume that "just" bolding rather than spot welding would not provided sufficient rigidity etc ?

I find it odd that there aren't any guide to do this replacement - unless you guys know otherwise..... I presume that an indie would be a couple of hours each side ?



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I replace the bottom channel a few years ago with some 3mm wall x 50mm x 30mm rectangular box section, also rebuilt the bottom end of the C post, B post was disconnected by drill out the spot welds. the front end brackets were salvaged from original channels & welded on, the rear end was drilled to accept the bolts for the rear bracket bolts.

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