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Oddball axle shaft 1988 Defender 90(its really a Santana)

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I purchased what was titled as a 1988 Defender. The drivers side rear axle shaft sheared and I can not find a replacement. I found a local guy with a lot of knowledge who has informed me its not a defender but some kind of santana. The shaft is 10 splines on both sides and measures 29.5 inches end to end. Can anyone tell me where I can find this shaft.









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Welcome... Santana stayed with leaf springs so telling a Defender 90 from a swb Santana should be straightforward (always assuming it hasn't been subject to major alteration!?). Are there not any body /chassis plates to tell you what the vehicle is?

In the absence of plates, post some more pics of the vehicle and we might have more of a clue where to start. The numbers and pics you have already put up don't mean much to me but then I don't have much Series/90 axle knowledge or any Santana so that isn't perhaps surprising.

10 spline shafts are known to be the weakest in general, if the failure occured doing something you regularly do then maybe consider some upgrades anyway?


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Hi and welcome.

That shaft end looks distinctly of the leaf sprung LR style. The threaded end and split pin hole are the telltale signs. I've not seen a more recent Santana shaft.
Coil sprung axle shafts are splined to the end and have a circlip groove around the outside diameter. 

I'll echo that some more photos of the vehicle will help us identify what you have.

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Hi, and welcome to the fold. It looks like a standard 10 spline series shaft, but beware: the santana did change the track width at some stage, to have wider axles. So double check the length of the shaft before you buy.


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Hi do you have any photos of underneath,  ie the transferbox , props and if possible the engine. It looks like a 90 but the roof is that pressed folds in it. Is it leaf or coil spring. Show us the chassis or engine , has someone put different axels on it? Take pictures underneath thats screaming 90 to me. I sure those santana  things you can see the leaf spring from the front. Like this. This has interested me i am editing this again,  I going to go out on a limb thats a 90. The axles don't know! but that body's a 90 from the air vents ect those santana don't have vents like the 90 or bonnet hindges like the 90. There is noway a santana has a 90s bulkhead. I just read that it's leaf sprung ,is this a series with 90 wings , front panel with santana axels?



Screenshot_20210116-180311_Samsung capture.jpg

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2 hours ago, Maverik said:

Really interesting truck, looks a bit like this one:


Land Rover Santana 2500DL or a DC2500. but yours seems to have been Defenderised a little more.

Yup your right thats what it is, thats like a clone of a 90 , how did they get away with making them and landrover said nothing? Thinking are the bulkheads interchangeable?😀 well he knows what he needs now a shaft from a 1990 2.5 santana. 


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Santana were Spanish LR licenced builders for that market, all LR approved & originally made up the CKD kits of vehicles sent from UK, Spain law required more local content so they stayed with the leaf springs & more locally sourced parts, the ladt model was the Santana PS10 Amibal, Thecontract with LR ceased in mid 1980's IIRC, they also built Suzuki samaria SJ's as well. Santana was bought out by Iveco which built a revised Anibal but called Iveco Massif, but it ceased production after a few years, & no longer exist as new vehicles. 


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