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Rb44 braking issues


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Hi not sure if I have posted this in the correct forum if not please move. 

I look after an rb44 thas is used as a community snow plough and gritter. 

We have a problem in that although brakes are { fairly good for an rb 44} they are virtually non existent in reverse. 

Any tips? 

Regards kev 

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Welcome to LR4x4 

It sounds like an interesting truck , some general pic's would be nice .

I'm not familiar with RB44 brake system specifics , again , some pic's of the layout on both axles might help to pinpoint your problem . The Dodge 50 was drums all round iirc ? 

A likely point to start is the rear load valve , is it free to operate ? 


Steve b

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Drum brakes vehicles are really quite tricky in reverse, especially if both shoes are pointing in the same direction (i.e. twin leading shoe, twin cylinder setup), so I wouldn't be surprised if they were less effective.

I'm currently daily driving a 1954 Morris Traveller, drums all round, and in reverse, I reckon you need three times the pedal pressure compared to going forward, and they are in good working order.

You say you're are non-existent, to what extent?

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Found this online re general braking performance, not helpful but made me laugh.


If the RB was towing a 105 then it was probably ok - towing a 105 increases the braking efficiency of the RB by about 33%!!!!


105mm light gun presumably is a braked trailer.

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