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Steering Wheel Refurb Recommendations

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Apologies for another interior trim post, and for brazenly putting Defender content in the International section but this is something people might have experienced across the model range.

I bought an X-Tech steering wheel (read silver stitching and perforated leather) in 2012, yes quite tarty and maybe too good for a 30 year old Land Rover.



Rather nice. But fear not, logisitical delays before taking delivery meant the mice sorted out any question of it being too good.


So, I think it's salvagable as the leather is at worst very lightly chewed where they got to the one thing I wanted this specific wheel for - the stitching. If they had only chewed the centre thread, I would be tempted to give a re-thread a bash myself. However, they've removed the loops on one side of the seam, so there's nothing to hook that centre thread to.

So a long way of saying, does anyone have any recommendations for companies to refurb steering wheels? I've had a qote at £300, which is more than a new complete wheel. I understand that skills come with cost and people have to keep the lights on but I also need it to make sense.

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Just to close this one off, Karen finished my steering wheel and it is now back with me. The quality of what she's done is perfect - in that you can't tell she's done anything. It looks completely unrepaired and as-new.

I could not be happier with the job she's done and would recommend her to anyone looking for interior work to be done. I could have just eBayed a good condition used wheel for a bit more cost, but that would have been wasteful and this wheel is of known origin/legitimacy and knowing this really is a new wheel is worth it.




10/10 attention to detail and customer service from Bustle About Ltd.


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