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Hi, I bought a replacement kit for my 1985 110 swivel. 

I just got the kit and I’m pre-assembling the bearing based on Some YouTube films.

The top bearing seams different toen what I see on YouTube. 

this is what I have got.


Two questions:

1. can I fit the Bush in the housing before fitting it to the car? 
2. Am I correct that the flat side needs to be positioned towards the Wheel? 





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You’ll need the swivel ball well supported to drift the bush in, so fitting it to the axle will help yes. Just don’t forget the seal & retainer.

The flatter part of the bush faces into the centre of the axle, it is to clear the main swivel seal.

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I've just done mine and I used a garage press to fit it , lined it up and tapped it square with a drift then used a press to push it home and don't forget the thrust washer in the bottom of the bush . But make sure you don't fit two as it's a bugger to set the preload , don't ask how I know :blush: .

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As above, the flat spot goes towards the centre of the car. They're surprisingly sensitive to the position. If they're fitted too far off when you turn the wheel, it pushes the swivel seal away from the swivel ball. 

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