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Here we go with another wanted

Les Brock

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I need proof of year of manufacture of the Discovery 200Tdi engine, or it needs to be fitted with a cat....(non waxoyled because it burns rather well ) so I ring Land rover..

No they can't cross referance the engine number or even tell me when it was made without a chassis number......

No they can't give me a letter to say the 200Tdi was manufactured between 1989 and 1993

Rings Gaydon...no they can't help

Looks for my Haynes manual......wife chucked it, when she cleaned the back of my/the one she's using Disco :angry:

Trawled the web.......found nothing

so can anyone look in there haynes/workshop/anywhere that might have something with either Discovery engine numbers, dates of manufacture of the 200 Tdi, so I can try and proove when it was made......

and then scan it and either post it up here...

or email to

les.brocklehurst@[remove this bit]eesi.co.uk

I know its a big ask.....but I've tried everything I can think of..... :(

Now on to find a new gaiter for the gearstick/transfer lever......terminal covers for the alterator terminals...and everything else that I need to get sorted

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Manufacture of 200Tdi's would have been from late 1988 for the Discovery pre production vehicles & then full production for sales, seems strange that LR can't find the information, only Japanes market 200Tdi Discovery's had cats fitted, no UK/European markets vehicles didn't.

Discovery was introduced to the UK in October 1989 in 3 door form with 200Tdi & V8 engines.

from EPC info I've found Discovery 200TdI engine numbers start 12L00001 onwards doesn't give dates of manufacture though

maybe a phone call or e.mail to James Taylor of LRE would get the required info.hth :D

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