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The real story on antifreeze please

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If I had a penny for every word written about antifreeze..

How come many companies ell antifreeze they guarantee is both compatible with all others and suitable for all cars? LR recommends an impossible to find product so why can't I use the universal stuff I find in the supermarket?


LR4 diesel btw

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The French don't use the term O.A.T. so I can sympathise ,.... translated it would be T.A.O. ..... I think you will find Leclerc sell pink coolant (usually ready mixed) which states it is approved for VW, if you translate the blurb you will find it is essentially O.A.T. 

I am sure that Norauto etc. keep 'pink' as well, just check what it says on the label

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It not magic, it is just stabilised using the organic acid to make it suitable for modern engines with fancy alloy components, including vw /bmw and many others Generally disco pink/orange sometimes electric green/yellow NOT blue.

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The 2nd page lists the approvals for Castrol SF:


So any pink/yellow antifreeze that has one of these approvals will be the equivalent.

Visit your nearest agricultural machinery dealer they will have a choice and probably nearer than Norauto or FeuVert. They should be able to find a data sheet for the product they sell that will list the approvals.

Bon Courage


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I've been using ready made coolant (-20 C or -30 C) from Roady for the past 20 years and all engines have survived.

Can't be bothered with "anti-freeze"

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I don't have a D4 workshop manual but the earlier ones state the following for OAT:

Anti-freeze solutions
The overall anti-freeze concentration should not fall,
by volume, below 50% to ensure that the anti-corrosion
properties of the coolant are maintained.
Anti-freeze concentrations greater than 60% are not
recommended as cooling efficiency will be impaired.
Use Havoline Extended Life Coolant (XLC), or any
ethylene glycol based anti-freeze (containing no
methanol) with only Organic Acid Technology (OAT)
corrosion inhibitors, to protect the cooling system.
CAUTION: No other anti-freeze should be used
with Havoline Extended Life Coolant.

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