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Ineos Grenadier for (African) Overlanding

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I thought it would be interesting to detail what I'd like the Grenadier to have/not have as somebody who spends years living in Africa in their vehicle (owned a 1991 110 200TDI for 20 years) compared to what we know about the Ineos Grenadier so far, purely as an feedback exercise for the makers and so others who have done long trips can chime in towards building a 'expedition' spec model, or at least trying to avoid them going too far in a direction that makes the Grenadier unattractive as a serious overlander.....

Absolutely must have:
- LWB Hard Top model available, 3 doors (and no glass windows in the back is ideal). Many friends with kids want a 130 model.
- 17" wheels are not standard where I go, 16" steel wheels option please, change your brake components not the tyre size.
- Must comfortably carry TWO spare wheels:
  * 1 on the bonnet (so max of 235 to avoid blocking too much vision) which is enhanced so it doesn't bend and is safe to work under etc
  * 1 on the back (weight attached to the CHASSIS not the back door) that swings away when you open the back door and doesn't cost          more than a few hundred pounds for a solution.
- Rear spare wheel carrier can take a High-Lft jack as well (best place for them).
- Ability to mount an extra fuel tank underneath of at least 60 litres.
- Ability to mount a water tank(s) of at least 60-100 litres underneath
- Room for jerry can holders each side (2 each side is perfect)
- Can take a roofrack like a Brownchurch one with supports front and back into the bulkhead and body. Frontrunner type junk doesnt cut it.
- Workshop manuals readily available for download
- Parts catalogues with numbers and diagrams readily available for download
- Ability to turn off or better yet, physically remove any alarm or similar disabling devices
- Water sedimentor as standard
- Dashboard and interior fittings that are really really easy to remove and put back, and dont rattle!
- A large range of colours that look nice, not just bland
- Can strengthen the suspension without having to raise it, eg: 130 helper springs as standard parts available
- Waterproof snorkel as standard
- Duel rear shock mounts
- Genuine spares are readily available for a reasonable price and I'm not stuck with buying ****part because nobody imports genuine ones because they are too expensive for the local market which is 99% the case in Africa currently. (Have you looked at the quality of a ****part 200TDi Defender fan belt, flippin heck you couldn't hang a mouse with it).

Strongly desired:
- No alpine windows, they just leak and I don't need any more daylight in Africa thanks, there is enough, its the enemy! I paint mine white on the inside and then used rooflining to stop the light again.
- Big and wide angle wing mirrors that can take be whacked by trees 30 times a day and are easy to replace when they do break the mountings.
- UV blocking in all windows

More to follow, feel free to add your own lists if you've done long overlanding trips.....



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I don't understand why you would want 2 spare wheels when it's a simple operation to change a wheel on the roadside/bush and just carry spare tyres.


A single spare wheel is good to get you out of a carp situation, but once stopped, tyre changing is a simple operation with basic tools.

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Think your list is almost there.

Proper roll over protection would be nice as are square lines interior wise to make building cupboards etc. easier. Side anchor points are useful.

Also, good washable seats please..

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