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Hello all, can’t believe I’m actually writing on a 4x4 site having spent a life sarcastically shouting  “Lets off-road” every time i see a jacked up disco or defender etc.

Anyway after driving my pick up for work the last 8 years I didn’t realize how bloody big my tires are...

Ive read loads about tyre sizes on forums like this and only now realized that I’ve had zero problems with my truck so will stick what i know down to see if that helps anyone.

I’m a tree surgeon BTW but don’t go off-roading but do use it around sites and gardens etc for towing chippers.

The wheels are 17x8 inch predators by KN Wheels. (I think they are not made anymore). Tires are STT Discoverer 33/12.5R17 and still look like new, they never seem to wear out.

I don’t have any issues with steering on or off road and I believe they have 30mm spacers. Ive never took the wheels off. 

I’m thinking about sawtooth upgrade to 18 inch wheel with 285/65/18, has anyone got any feedback and if so any pics so I can visualize what it will look like...

Lets Off-road 




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Wrong Tire Size
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Welcome to the forum Jed. I am probably not the one to offer any advice,... I tend to the opinion that most big tyre choices are mainly vanity/image based anyway. Having said that I am a fan of the Cooper. You can compare sizes and wheels on the internet, many  'calculators' are there for both tyres and wheels just search and find one you like the look of .....some will even allow you to input your vehicle type to compare 'look', although I don't know specifically if any have Defender pick-up.

For what its worth I have done quite a bit of logging and milling 'off road' and always found 235/85 16 perfect.

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Hi Jed. Just so that you know, in the UK having the tyres sticking out of the wheel arches is illegal. I can see from the pics that this is the case. This isn't an MoT thing, it is all down to the Construction & Use Regulations.


I believe a 285/65R18 needs an 8-10" wide rim. The Sawtooth is 8" so they will fit, although a 9" rim would likely make them sit better with less side wall bulge.

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Cheers Blanco & Mr Drumstick, haven’t worked out yet how to respond individually so will do a double whammy. 

For the soft ground etc i thought the wheel width would spread the weight a bit more but then a again I’m nor really in deep soft mud that much. If 235/85 16 works then maybe that could be an option. And yes Chicken, someone mentioned that to me a while back but the police have seen it a few times, i presumed they were being ok because of the signage and using it for work etc. Maybe now that I’m decommissioning it from work and pimping it up with no signs etc, they may pull me. So a narrower tyre definitely on the cards.  

Thanks for the replies and ill post more pics as the pimping commences. Can’t believe the price of headlining and trim, i binned mine ages ago and went with bare roof and cab and just wiped down. It’s now £550 for Lasalle and £800 for Masai. It’s not quite bitcoin level yet when you want to go dig up the landfill but wish I hadn’t binned them 🤯

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238/85R16 is a good size that works well for pretty much everything. But they might look a bit small and less monster truck than you are used too.

Wide wheels should in theory allow you to float on soft ground better, but this doesn't always mean you'll be able to drive about on it as well. Re: the wheels sticking out. Obviously it isn't a major issue, but there would be no exemption using as a work truck, so you could be pulled over and prosecuted. Or worse, if you were in a road accident, then someone might make it an issue. Depends how risk adverse you are really. There are aftermarket wide wheel arches you can get these days.

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Most people will tell you that 18” rims are anything but an upgrade.  You have much better comfort, tyre choice and price as well as better off road performance from the 16” rims and a suitable tyre.

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