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My neighbour has an 07 plate 90 pickup with 88k on the clock. Its in fairly tidy condition and has an ifor canopy over the pickup bed. What sort of money would this be worth if he was to look at selling? I am always way out with this sort of thing so thought I would ask the experts on here for a ballpark estimate. I see dented rubbish with a rotten chassis and people are asking 9k for that - thats not to say thats what they get though so I have no idea what a fairly straight 90 with the TDCi is worth.

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I dont have pics unfortunately, but its just the 2.4TDCi. Largely standard pickup apart from the Ifor canopy. Fairly good condition, no knocks or bumps. Chassis is good.

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There's a similar sounding car but a 2009 on Autotrader for 18k in metalic grey. Given there are a couple of HTs at 15-16k, I think they're dreaming.

Pure guess as it's all dependent on condition, colour and how much it can be tidied up but I would say:

£12k low

£13.5k medium

£15k high

Being a truck cab does limit the market, but conversions are easy enough and the market is still strong (though prices are softening as expensive cars aren't moving).

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