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What steering pump for my Defender 200tdi 110 csw

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The above vehicle has very heavy steering, notchy at times then light then notchy and heavy again. 

I have replaced the two U/J's as they were actually loose in the joints. I see oil  coming from the swivels, so ive got those to look at.

My real question is... what number should the steering pump be? The thing fitted to my One Ten (it has a 200tdi dropped in) has the number BR1361 on the pump label. 

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There are two types of 200Tdi pump, the earlier type is common with the previous 2.5TD (19J) engine while the later one is unique to the 200Tdi.

Engine number will help determine which yours should have, or some decent pics of the hose connections as they differ between the pipes. The fitment to the engine bracket is the same. 

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One of two part numbers as per this thread: 

Diagram is here: https://www.lrworkshop.com/diagrams/land-rover-defender-engine/200tdi/power-steering-pump_53159#1

I would first check that the belt is tight enough and isn't slipping. My 300Tdi's belt slips on damp mornings and produces notchy steering until the belt has dried a bit



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Cheers. Engine number is 11L 24763A. The pump does indeed appear to have a little leak going on. That leak is from the front, there is a banjoed pipe on the rear and the feed pipe is a push on to the top of the round body. 

It also has S200 Pump on the label and the belt is tight enough. 

If I'm going to replace the leaky pump, I'll need to know which one to get... 😉


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