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Well the Ibex has been sulking in the shed for too long and as a consequence the fuel pump had gummed itself up.  He still started but just wanted run away, apparently the pump delivers peak fuel on start up and then the governor kicks in to control the fuel.  When stripped they found the internals corroded so that the governor couldn't do its job.  Took the injector pump to Hickley's in Bridgwater and got the pump back a week later looking like new.  They suggested that I took the rest of the fuel system apart to clean out any crud that had migrated so I stripped everything between the fuel filter and the engine flushed with fuel and blown through with the air line apart from the Injectors which after a look at You Tube I decided to have a crack at.  They'd not been out I recon for 25 years and no1 took some getting out - bought a slide hammer on ebay and it worked a treat!

Having got the injectors out the nozzles looked quite worn, I eventually managed to track a set down so decided to have a go at rebuilding them myself.  Firstly the nuts were super tight to undo compounded by what appeared to be a trace of coke around them.  Then to pull them apart, you really have to pay attention to the sequence and orientation - on the plus side you've got a couple more to practice on before it gets critical😃.  After 30+ years they stilled pristine so soaked everything in diesel cleaner and blew everything through before rebuilding.


Spent the weekend putting everything back together and timing the engine up and finally got him started this evening.  Still starts a treat!



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3 hours ago, Anderzander said:

Starts great ! and I see what you mean about the diesel pump, it does look brand new. 

What’s the darker corrosion on your rocker cover ? 

The darker bit is where fuel sprayed while bleeding the injector lines😇

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