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Hey guys tom again 

so my indicators died on me mysteriously 

I've traced back the indicator wires from each indicator light back to the relay and I've changed the relay but still nothing what have i missed?

Could it be the actual unit in the steering column that gone?

Cheers tom    

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On 2/23/2021 at 9:45 PM, Falklandislander2003 said:

You know those senior moments you have...

it was the damn hazard switch 

it works like an isolator for my indicators and it was bloody off!!!!


Sorry guys 

Interesting. Is this a normal thing? Only mine appears to do that as well...

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Indicator wiring goes via hazard switch, so that's why if hazards are on left & right indicator stalk will not function the indicators,

There is a good thread in Tech Archive index on hazard & indicator problems. 

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