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Lock Down has got expensive

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Am I the only one to have spent an absolute fortune during lockdown?

The wife is going ape....

Got a new tool trolley was my wife Christmas present to me, so why did I pay for it? Can't fathom that one



New Rattle gun - Keilder, 750nm

New Socket Set WERA Zyklop 1/2" with ratchet extension  (really nice)

New Compressor (don't ask)

Hub puller

Super cute 1/4 ratchets (now an addiction)

Wheel bearing pullers


Enough 3/8' sockets to fill a bucket

A bloody great magnet (came as part of a job lot of panel hammers....)

OH and 40 tiny little neodymium magnets - bought them to make by spanner racks moveable, however , little so and so's hold a kilo in weight, so spanner racks now permanently affixed (note to oneself -Do not put 4 magnets on each side of your spanner rack)

New screwdrivers

A dent pulling kit (cheap chinese copy of PDR one, but it works) OH when they say hot melt glue, they really mean hot - minor scars

A new engine crane

A cracking 12/24 battery charger/jump starter from Union Mart. Cost next to nowt but started a very cold 24v (it was -7c) digger

Compression tester (petrol ones really don't like diesel engines)

OH and 38 Winfield fishing reels (wife is really not amused at that - I blame the half bottle of Port and Ebay myself)

My Bank Manager is looking forward to lockdown coming to an end.


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Not just you Jeff! Spending more work time sat in front of a screen doesn't do well for the bank balance! First lockdown mostly:

  • 1Kg Jazzies/Snowies sweets
  • 850g Cadbury bar
  • Big set of Knipex circlip pliers (in/out/straight/90deg etc)
  • Another 1Kg bag of jazzies
  • 3Kg of jelly babies
  • 48bar box of Caramac
  • Lego Defender
  • Lego Car transporter + extra car
  • 1Kg of foamy bananas
  • 36bar box of Daims
  • mid-size vertical bandsaw popped up on facebook for the right money
  • bench grinder with the above
  • tool cart with those too
  • Couple of vices
  • Nanocom
  • Defender ARB bumper found on facebook
  • Td5/Puma Seatbox + floor plates
  • Set of corner weight scales (half birthday)
  • Passenger side Puma door to match the other one

Add to that the fast food whilst on the way to or from work 'because I can' got expensive too. Snackcidents + being a perpetually hungry fatty makes for an expensive life! That was the biggest saving in the first lockdown, not going for a fry=up and multiple coffees each day.

Lockdown 3 got the most expensive mind... 

  • New Genuine post '02 type rear door
  • Optimill rear door hinges
  • New 315A ACDC TIG to replace my DC only set
  • Custom 1000x1000 fixture welding bench + 2x 1000x500 wings to be able to make it up to 2000x1000. + Various tooling

Think that's it for the moment that I can think of! The wallet is still whimpering! 

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I am now banned from the internet if any alcohol has entered my body due to purchasing things whilst under the influence.


Which means Tuesdays and Sundays are the best time to message me

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Lock down or otherwise, life is expensive these days..

We're doubling the office floor space, getting a few LR's back on the road and awaiting the verdict on the Santa Fe. Not to mention the Mrs. going away with the horses and truck a lot.



 have a very good friend in Holland who has been into them for 40 years + and the junk to show it. Shared my workshop with hm for decades - usually me towing trailers with very dead Jags from all over Europe behind Series LR's...

If they run, they are nice.

If they don't.....


Have Fun !!

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I remember about 1985, my first proper job in a Volvo dealership parts department, one came in part exchange, under the bonnet seemed a nightmare of plumbing. .....  I am braver these days,.. but not that brave,... bon courage!

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30 minutes ago, Blanco said:

under the bonnet seemed a nightmare of plumbing

That's an understatement. Looked like a million vacuum lines.

Probably ok once you know what everything does, but at first glance it's definitely a bit daunting.

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Wait until you sit in it on a hot summer day - you can feel the heat coming from under the car......

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That's a nice looking car Escape! I would love to make some of these regrettable late night auction buys but all the cash goes into the 90. It's just as well, I love Jags and unlike LRs, they are cheap enough to end up with too many.

Selling my XK8 this summer, missed the opportunity last year so I want this to be someone else's late night spontaneous alcohol-fueled auction buying story.


Going to regret it, but can't really justify two V8s. It'll be my first time Jag-less in 8 years

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23 hours ago, Arjan said:

Wait until you sit in it on a hot summer day - you can feel the heat coming from under the car......

That's why I was looking for a convertible. 😉

Going to collect tomorrow.


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