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Speedo and MOT


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Obviously the Speedo is not MOTable as mine hasn't worked on COW for some time......... so I took it apart and its the cable to G/Box......what a mess, its chewed up the input, snaped it off and caught some of the outer cable also.

2 bluddy hours it took to get it out! New one on order :)

Then again ints a 2.5 Diesel, why would I need a speedo :)

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Speedo working is an MOT requirement - they just can't test it :blink:

Les. :)

On non-permanent 4x4 (ones where they can use the rolling road) they can (and IMHO do) check that it works - but not accuracy. Also, on my RRC the tester would take it out for a drive to "check the brakes & speedo" (since he couldn't put it on a single-axle rolling road)...

I had a look on the web for the official test regs, but can't find it - so who knows the definitive answer?


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My 90 went through 6 MOT's with the speedo not connected.

Every year the Test inspector would roll his eye's as it showed no millage change from year to year.

I think that the new computerised MoTs will kick up a fuss about that once you are on your second one. Not so bad first time round, but it's a lot easier for the system to throw a fail at you!

Just a guess at the moment, but I think that's the way it'll work.........unfortunately!!

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