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Seat Belts - Differences and matching to the right car

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I know this subject has been touched on multiple times, and I am sure I even inputting in one recent discussion, but I can't find it now.

I am interested in working out which seal belts (by part number) fit to which vehicles, both in terms of year and body style. The reason for this is that I have messed up and purchased the type that secures the bottom end to the reel mounting bracket (BTR8410), as below:


On the old CSW trims I had, this would have been fine as the seatbelt top anchor is on the outiside and doesn't need to pass through anything:

The problem is, I have newer style interior trims where the belt needs to thread through and then down to the lower anchor, which it canot do with these belts as they're fixed at both ends.


BTR8410 (and the matching one for the other side) were  ordered based on this diagram, which shows the type I want but evidently these part numbers don't relate to the diagrams. It's also noted as being for a soft top despite being the same as my car originally had fitted (separate anchor points).

This diagram states it is for Hard Top, Pickup, Chassis Cab and 90SW - and shows the same all-in-one reel/anchor as I've got.

This one shows the same again.

So, It would be very useful to work out what seat belt configurations relate to which part numbers, and for which body style as I cannot be the only person coming up with this problem.

Either way, is there a part number for a pair that definitely bolts to the lower bracket that goes down at the very base of the seat box?

If anyone wants to buy a pair of the other type, mine are brand new and unused.


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Have a look at these front belts

MTC1608 -  (SEAT BELT RH) [ - (V)AA271214 ]

MTC1609 -  (SEAT BELT LH) [ - (V)AA271214 ]

the bracket to seatbox/sill outer edge/B post is 



these look like this https://www.johnrichardssurplus.co.uk/seat-belt-anchor-r-h-345100.html

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Ralph, thanks, it looks like those are the ones I would need. While it would be useful to have an index of what seatbelt is what type, it's probably not practical.

For those who didn't already spot the mistake and to close this one off in case anyone else stumbles into this - the front seatbelts dont go up the inside of the trims I showed above, those holes are for the rear passenger ones. Looking now, it seems obvious as they are angled into the load bay, not the front. I'm quite disappointed as it's a more elegant solution for them to be concealed, and now I have two holes I need to invent covers for. You'd think HardTop interior trims would assume no seats fitted in the rear, but apparently not.

If nothing else, this thread shows that you do need to be mindful with your seatbelt part numbers that there are at least three different types (not including the clips and their anchors), which diagrams do not always show.

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