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Nato hitch 'service kit'


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I would like to put my nato hicth on the back of my 90, i have read the thread in the tech section about fitting it, that all seems straight forward.

Can i buy new pins for the hitch? they are present but look like they have been a bit molested and woulk just like to change them for peace of mind.

Its the main pins (A) and also just the little countersunk machine screws (B) that are a bit chewed up, everything else is solid


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Guest diesel_jim

I bought a whole list of bits direct from dixon bate. they were really helpful. cost about £20 to do two hitches, with the pins,clips and little chain bits.

I've got the parts and price list (from a couple of years ago) if anyone wants a copy.

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The pins will be fine I am sure, but the other thing you can do is to fit radius arm bolts and Nyloc nuts, they are the same size (once cut to length) and when the hitch seizes up you can put a spanner on the bolt head and turn it rather than battering the s*** out of it with a sledgehammer.

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Guest diesel_jim
diesel jim,

If you could post up a copy that would be good thanks

Here ya go:



When i did up a couple of hitches, i stripped them right down, got them shotblasted, and spend several afternoons at work spraying them up with nice black gloss paint being really productive and making the company money... :rolleyes:

with the new parts fitted they came up like new! i think the shotblasting was £10 or £20, and the parts all came to £40 for both hitches:

Hi Jamie

Unfortunately the prices have changed since March, the current prices are as follows:

Part No Description Price ea Qty Total

FV2239942 Pin lanyard etc 7.40 2 14.80

FV308524 Clip 1.10 1 1.10

41120 Grease nipple 0.70 2 1.40

FV332177 Pin 4.00 2 8.00

FV332176 Pin plain 2.70 2 5.40

39816 Circlip 0.22 4 0.88

FV987956 screw 0.28 2 0.56

16059 screw 0.21 8 1.68

40163 mills pin 0.19 2 0.38

40169 roll pin for spring 0.15 2 0.30

Postage 5.00

Total 34.50

VAT 6.04

Total price inc post & vat 40.54

Goods are readily available and we accept credit cards.

Up-to-date list attached.


Finished product:


and they're still in my garage all wrapped up in a box.... too good to use now!! :D:D

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Guest diesel_jim
Dunno really, I mean - look at that tatty brickwork :rtfm:

Les. :ph34r:

Can blame old man Moran for that Les.... he owned the building for about 300 years before us! :D

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