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Land Rover infatuation


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General Land Rover question really.

Mods feel free to move it if you think it would be more relevant elsewhere.

What exactly is the reason for the such faithful and staunch following of the brand all about please?

Is it just the GREAT British bulldog appeal? Is in nationalistic pride? Is it simply supporting you fellow British workers?

As stated on my opening post, I'm going to look at a Disco later today.

The reason? Because my Land Rover mechanic friend has warned me that he'll never speak to me again if I buy.... "one of those crappy far east sheds" :o

Must admit I'm very nervous about the pending purchase after reading so so many horror stories of dodgy electrics, rust, doors jamming closed, blowing head gaskets, detroyed engines, pitifull and expensive service from main dealers.

Errr, why am I not considering the vastly alledgedly more reliable Mitsubishi Shogun please?

Something to do with having a mate with such enthusiasm, who can fix just about anything on a Landy p'raps?

I'm getting sucked in and am puzzled. :blink:

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Yer gits ta hang out wif people of wit and taste, like wots around this type of Forum....... :unsure:

Who? Where? :unsure:

Not sure what's so addictive about them. I think it's partly the tonka toy/meccano appeal of them - there's pretty much nothing you can't take a spanner to yourself, at least on the older ones - and partly a bloody minded battle with your vehicle. If I had any sense I'd get shot of mine, but I refuse to be beaten by the wretched thing :angry:

They're also rather could fun to use in anger! :D

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