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Drivetrain problems, any ideas?


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On Saturday evening my father's 110 (which I use quite a bit as he's got a company car) suddenly developed a loud whine when lifting off the accelerator at speed. I only had a short chance to drive it after he told me about the problem and couldn't go poking arround underneith but this is what I discovered: When it was cold (ie drive straight onto a dual carrige way from cold) the noise wasn't there but in less than 10 miles it was there and most noticable in top gear near the speed limit although there was some noise in 4th. It sounds to me like its either gearbox or rear axle. The gearbox has been a bit tired for a while now but it sounds like it might be a bit louder than it used to be on power which suggests gearbox but the fact it doesn't whine in lower gears . The other simptom is a slight rattle that happened a couple of times coming to a stop, almost like a loose propshaft, but intermittantly ond only noticable just before stopping (walking speed only). The other thought I had was could it be the rear diff? Salisbury's have a reputation for going noisey don't they?

Any ideas of where to start would be much appreciated!

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Only things i can think of.....

1. turn the stereo up, or fit one if it doesnt have it.

2. take it off the road and do a full strip down and rebuild, tunned 2.8tgv auto or something that will get rid of the noise and by the time the job finished your old man will have forgotton he even owns a land rover.....

3. check oil g and t levels, guess they put the filler plug in after the service.....

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I vote for a worn (not Warn) prop shaft UJ.

For some reason, when they start to go, they make more noise in either drive overrun. Dont think it will be in the axles or box.

I once found a mysterious noise was caused by a cable tie being twanged by the knobbles on my tyre. It was very loud (resonant) at 60mph but silent the rest of the time. Took months to figure out!


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Had a UJ on the 90 go once and I didn't even notice. It was only a strange noise that I thought was gearbox or tbox that made me ask about it. The guy I called up said it will be the front UJ. He was spot on.


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