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Axle lenght?

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Goodmorning all,

just got my HD rear axles

(1997 90,24 splines)

Everything should be fine,

I just have a question...er...is one axle longer then the other,isn't it?

I don't remember...

Tell me so...


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Hub to Hub both should be the same, if you mean front to rear length of the diff case to propshaft flange IIRC this is the same for 90's, only 110/130's with Salisbury rear axles would it be different. hope that helps :D

I've ditched the duplicate post as well.

Edited by western
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Michele, have u never looked under your truck then? ;)


Yup,but I have a short-term memory!

Let's say 5 mins...


Thanks all,and Ralph for deleting the annoying double post


Anyway I'm going in the box right now to refresh my memory


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