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Lockwire pliers

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I'm in need of a set of lock wire pliers. The choice seems to be between cheap and cheerful off e-bay for £15 - 20 or branded from the likes of Facom, Starwhille or Bahco for somewhere north of £100. 

Does anyone know why the branded ones are so spendy, and if they are worth it?

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I use them daily at work as a helicopter mechanic and like most tools, you get what you pay for.

The Milbar/Snap-On reversible ones are OK for wire up to .032" and the mechanism is quite good, but for occasional use, you won't need to go fancy.

Milbar 25W Safety Wire Twister Pliers - 6" - Import It All

These will do fine, they are available in 6 and 9" for the lighter or heavier gauge wire. The only weak point is the locking mechanism that wears over time. The silver bit that slides into the hook on the handle starts to wear, but that'll be a long while in occasional use. The return spring also fails.                                                                                  We have those in Facom guise in our kits at work and they have been well used and are showing signs of wear after around 7 years or so. A nice way of making them easier to work with is to fit a bearing on the pointy bit at the end of the pull handle, so you ca n push it back in with your palm for when the spring goes.

Wire Twisting Pliers For Metal Work And Wire Wrapping: Amazon.co.uk: Car &  Motorbike

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