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110 v8 - fuel pump earth location?

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It appears I have an intermittent bad earth on my factory 110 v8 (originally 3.5 on carbs) somewhere around the fuel pump. Went to start it up today and it wouldn't run - you could hear the fuel pump prime but much less noisily than normal. While it was priming the fuel gauge was sat at empty, as soon as it finished it's prime it would sweep over to the right level. Left hand indicator arrow on the cluster was also faintly illuminated at one point. 

I think the pump earth is poor, and its back feeding through whatever else it can off the same loom - so I guess the earth for the pump / sender is crusty. Any ideas where it is - is there one at the back of the vehicle or is it fed 12v and switched to earth somewhere at the front? 



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Thanks - there is a bundle of earths back there which goes to the tub. It all appeared to be dry and good condition. Would make sense if the LH indicator lamp on the cluster was faintly illuminated too if they are round there...

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Do you have a multimeter? I would investigate those wires and see if you are actually getting an earth on the fuel pump.

Either way, if you take the bullet connectors out and clean them up with some emery and do the same where the earth fastens to the tub you might improve a bad earth.

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I do - I'll have a proper look at it tomorrow.

Typically I got it to start on LPG, moved it down the drive to have a proper investigate and in doing so seem to have fixed it - fuel pump now primes as per normal and it runs sweet as a nut on petrol or gas. 

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