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Lifting roof for bulkhead repair

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Looking for a bit of advice on lifting my roof a little to gain access to the top of the bulkhead (1998 110 county). I have taken out 8 bolts along the inside gutter (on each side) and only really getting about half an inch of space between the windscreen and bulkhead. I have been quite tentative lifting it though and not put much force into it. Do I need to remove the rest of the roof bolts or does it need quite a shove to get it up further? I have trim along the back which is not impossible to remove but it means removing a cabinet from the back which I'd rather not do. Would it be easier to undo the windscreen to roof fixings at the top? This would certainly give me more room to work but I'm working outside and it was snowing yesterday so would need to cover it back up or refit over night.



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Funnily enough, I did this two days ago - though on a friend's 90 and not my 110.

I think it will be a lot easier for you to take out a couple more roof/side bolts toward the back - otherwise, even if the roof does lift enough, you risk bending the side panels or roof, and them not sitting well together afterwards.

I also think it will be easier if you undo the fixings at the top of the windscreen, ease the roof up and then tackle the windscreen/bulkhead join separately. There's a 'reasonable' weight in the windscreen and frame without adding it to the roof.

Also, if you leave them connected, and managed to lift them as a unit, I'd wonder about the risk of the fixings bending.

When I did this on my 110 I took the roof off - but I was doing the job under cover. We did the same on the 90 on Sunday, but again, under cover.

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I'm writing this from memory from last summer on my 90. You need the gutter bolts out all the way to the rear corners. Obviously the blocks securing windscreen frame to bulkhead. Then something substantial to lift and support. I used a trolley jack on the centre cubby box, a suitable length of 2x2 wood or whatever size you have with a square/rectangle of wood screwed to the top to spread the load lifting the roof. It took a bit to break the seals away but then it lifted easily the 3 or 4 inches that I wanted. I had no windscreen in so it was easier.  Put in some secondary support, like a block of timber across the body side to side between roof and body/doors,  or another jack inside. You may well want a new windscreen/bulkhead seal and you'll be in for one mother of a job getting the front block bolts back in if you do fit a new seal. I ended up having to put a bit of a taper on a couple of bolts to get them started. 

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Thanks for the help. Sigi_H I haven't removed those, I'd thought they were just holding the top of the windscreen frame to the roof but I'll take them out and see if that helps.

It's raining today so plenty time to crawl around inside and take all the bolts out and then hopefully I'll get it up without damaging or bending anything.

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