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How much paint to respray series?


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I'm going to be respraying my 63 2a soon. Just wondering how much I will roughly need to spray a 109 chassis cab. I'll be doing everything off the car, so not just a shut door respray. 



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Depends on what paint, how many layers, etc..

We used 5 ltrs. Keswick Green for the OneTen, several litres of thinner and some more for the primer.

Ask you supplier once you roughly know the surface M2.

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We bought a 5ltr can of Limestone to do my swb all Limestone inside and out, inside had one coat and the outside had two coats not the best paint job in the world as it was our first time we had sprayed a vehicle but it does me, anyway think we used at least 3-4 lts and use the rest for touching up when needed.

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