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vaggie engine oil


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and what prey tell is "vaggie" oil?

i'm trying not to be abscene but i'm having difficulty :D

ooops, there i go again, freudian slippin all over the place> :lol: or maybe it was justb a simple spelling slip. :o

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I'd be interested to know what level of product liabilty insurance they have. I tried cooking oil as a lubricant

in my fridge compressor project and it gummed it all up good and proper.

Fridge motors

From there web page


Whilst every effort is taken to ensure that all information and figures are correct, under no circumstance will Dieselveg be held responsible in the unlikely event of engine or fuel system damage.

If your vehicle is still under warranty, your manufacturer may try to dispute their obligations. In the rare event of engine or fuel system damage, they may try to blame the use of vegetable oil as a cause, but if you disputed this they may have to prove this to be the case. Any other items under warranty other than engine and fuel systems should remain unaffected. We cannot at present guarantee the vehicles original equipment, but we are working at being able to offer to underwrite engine and fuel system warranties in the future.

We give a full 12 months guarantee on all parts and work carried out by ourselves.

Research and Data about converting is easily available on the web, so do your homework then gives us a ring.

so none then :)

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I know of a few people using this stuff. No problems is all I heard...

It isn't veggy oil...it is oil designed to lubricate, that is bio-degradable and doesn't react with any veggy that might make it into the sump when you are running on the stuff. Normal engine oil polymerises with veggy.

Not sure what it is made from though....

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