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GEMS v8 - leaky front cover blanking cap?

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Hi All

I appear to have developed a minor oil leak from below on the front cover of my GEMS v8:


It's leaking from the arrow - there's a cap which appears to be held in via circlip.

Google suggests that that the cap should have a viton 19 x 1.5mm O ring on it - but it probably isn't the oil pressure relief valve as that would be above the filter by the pressure switch, but there were various configurations used with ports blanked off when not used.

So - for anyone else that's taken one of these apart, what's behind the cap, and if it's not the pressure relief valve am I going to have a devil of a job getting the cap out. I think there's a blank on the oil cooler pipework above the filter if I need to poke it with something but I'd need to go check...

The leak is more annoying than anything at the moment, but I'd like to get it sorted if possible (preferably without having to remove the cover!)


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So you did!


At least it looks like if I can get the cap circlip out and the cap doesn't move I can potentially prod it from the filter side if needed...  Looks like a fairly awkward job to do it while everything is in the engine bay though :( 

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Just attacked this - some pointers in case anyone else runs into the same.. 

Removing is the easy part - circlip came out easily enough, gave the cap a prod and out it came along with a dribble of oil. Be careful when removing that no parts fire themselves at your eyes / corner of the garage / never to been seen again.

O ring does appear to be 19mm x 1.5mm. Apparently you should use Viton rings to avoid the oil attacking them. The old o-ring was very hard and brittle. 

Reassembly is the reverse of removal - maybe if you have LR special tool number 798 (oil cap plunger installation tool) ;) 

It's a fiddly job, as you have to get everything lined up or the cap binds in the bore, push it in far enough and then get the circlip on and square. If you can do this using your fingers, you are better at this lark than I am! There's just not enough space. I improvised with an 8mm socket and a couple of extension bars to push the cap in, which conveniently would wedge against the chassis rail and hold it pushed in enough that you could get to the circlip groove. That gave me enough space to get the clip on, but it still took a few goes - the clip sits in further than you expect. 

I just hope it's stopped leaking now!

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