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Series 3 diff filler and drain plug

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I’m having a struggle finding the filler plugs for the diffs on my series 3

ive got a nice collection of plugs, about 12 at the last count, but none seems to fit my diff filler hole, measured it with the callipers at 8/10” or 20.5mm in new money but buggered if I can find a plug to fit

ive tried part numbers



but these are too big, anyone have any clues about what next?


oh, while I’m on the subject of filler plugs, is the drain plug suppose to be sitting proud of the diff case or flush with it when tightened?


many thanks for any assistance rendered






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Just to check - front or rear axle, Rover or Salisbury type? And it may help to post a picture of the offending diff/hole just so we can see 100% what the issue is in case you've got some weird version of something.

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