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Last year my company imported 3 military spec Land Rover Defenders into Japan. I've now got the task of getting them running and on the road. All of the vehicles have an issue with loose belts, so as part of the service I want to replace all of them.

1987 Defender 110 (24V)

2.5 NA Diesel

I previously purchased a load of servicable parts from John Craddock in the UK including a set of belts. But unforunately they seem different to what is currently on each vehicle. To save confusion can anyone provide part numbers or a diagram for these belts?


2021-05-01 20.42.59.jpg

2021-01-23 13.46.04.jpg

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Standard V belts can be bought in any size if you measure them you can just buy the right side & width from almost any car parts shop. 11mm or 13mm are common widths for single-vee I think.

They usually have codes - my V8 polyvee belt is 7PK1870 - 7 grooves, 1870mm long - a lot of the time it's printed on the back of the belt.

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