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Summer Sisters Weekend - Wales, 26-27 June 2021 - all welcome!

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At long last we're back to running events so come and get stuck in - with 1600 acres to play in there's no worries about social distancing :lol: but we will of course be following all the guidance.

Bookings are now open for Summer Sisters – 26-27 June 2021 at Walters Arena in Glyn Neath. All are welcome, you'll need to join SLRC if you're not a member but it's only £20 for the year, and we're back to Seven Sisters in September.

Click here for the full info & booking

It's a fantastic site with something for everyone - you can bring an Evoque or a full trophy raid truck and have a great time either way. Good campsite nearby and a great pub over the road for lazy camping ;)




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Not sure how I missed this and it's this weekend


I'm having discussions with Nikki if we can get a dog sitter for our 2 this weekend and we may be there, however the link on the SLRC site for tickets isn't working though, all I get is a blank page?

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On 6/25/2021 at 8:39 PM, ThreePointFive said:

I reckon that's doable...

It's good to have a goal!

I'm hoping it's doable for me, the way things have been going recently I wouldn't like to bet on it... and the mini would be rubbish off-road.

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Loads of people coming - we've got over 100 trucks last count!

There's going to be a couple of convoys leaving from Sutton Scotney services Friday lunch time ish - one for the faster trucks and one with the slower ones.

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2 hours ago, Stellaghost said:

I would really really really like to go to this event in my mogweight at some point in the future regards Stephen

And we'd really really really like to see you there with it too! So, no excuses really :P

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11 minutes ago, Stellaghost said:

Sorry not intentional, wont use it again regards Stephen


Just now, ThreePointFive said:

I really don't think Bowie was serving you a Cease and Desist order!

I wanted to make it to this, it looked like a realistic possibility at one point too. I don't know if I mentioned it...

Precisely, was just recalling, and even used a different name  😉 

To me, the name needs work, but that's obviously up to you 😉 

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