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wiring harness help.

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ive put the main harness and chassis harness into by 90 rebuild and all that is left is the small harness for the tank sender unit and the wire's from the top of the gearbox.

my problem is i cant see where they tap into the main harness.

any ideas guys?

is someone has an early 90 and could take a quick peek under the drivers seat i'd greatly appreciate it.

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Guest diesel_jim

That fuel guage loom runs along the RH chassis rail, under the bulkhead and up into the engine bay.

Locate the plug that connects to the "main chassis loom" (thats the one that goes down to the back lights and safari door), there should be a 2 way socket poking out of the loom there (Green/black colour). the "earth" of the guage loom screws onto the earth point on the bulkhead, and the other 2 wires to the "level" and "low fuel warning light" (if fitted)

here: (although the plug doesn't show up very well! :angry: )


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thanks guys , il have another look for it tomorrow , i couldnt see it the other day.

any ideas where the wire from the top of the gearbox goes , not the blue one towords the bottom of the box , its a twin wire harness connecting to the top rear of the box.

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nice one.

also while we are on the subject , i noticed a green wire with a insulated female spade terminal on the back of my engine harness (19j) close to the starter.

anyone know what thats for?

gutted i didnt photo the harness connections and jot down where they were when i stripped it.

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Can't find that on wiring diagram at the moment, I think it goes to the heater unit or for a split charge relay sensing connection.

i found a spade terminal on a switch on top of the engine so ive connected it up to that.

fingers crossed.

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