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TD5 on 400 B&H a day!!!!


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Okay so I have this TD5 that ran superb until the other day when I called at a service station and filled up!

Coincidence or bad diesel but it started to smoke black and badly....... took the Beast to the garage and had a diagnostic check....... several errors some cleared straight away but an air flow problem.

I took the air flow meter out and the elemnts were missing..... so I ordered a new one (not cheap) and fitted it, reset the computer (ECU) and it still smokes!

The performance has gone from good to bad to missing and not good on high or low revs.... Have rechecked the diagnostics and apart from a tachograph (which isnt fitted)"loop" - "return".... error all is well....

Starts on the button although initially sluggish to respond.

The Beast has new filters fuel, air etc..... and still smoking with poor economy. (Fitted with performance intercooler)

Definately seems to be a problem with too much fuel and not enough combusting but what is the problem....




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Could just be bad fuel. I can recall our village being pretty much brought to a standstill when the local garage got water in its fuel or some such.

Anything else is bound to cost you so its probably worth starting with a drain of the tank and refill with fresh fuel from another supplier (esp given it was ok till then).

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And i thought all DIesels smoked.


Okay yes they do but not this bad...............

Anyway I have done all the bits suggested thanks evryone for your tips......

It is only on 400 silk cut now .....Tee hee

I think it is down to bad fuel and will keep you updated as to the out come

Thanks to all


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