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Discovery 1 300tdi R380 selector rail yoke

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By way of introduction my name is Alan and I have a Discovery 1 300tdi....

I have put a wanted post for an R380 selector rail yoke ring in the parts forum and thought I should explain a bit about it...

The gear stick was always a bit vague and I discovered some wazzock's earlier bodged fix. The gear lever operates a ball in a nylon cage held in the end of the selector rod...the cage had presumably failed so instead of replacing it for £14.00 they welded the ball to the end of the gear-lever! In subsequent use the hard ball has worn and distorted the steel selector rod ring so the new nylon cage is no longer properly supported...I had to carefully unweld the ball and then put the cage in the worn selector ring from above as it would have just fallen out if it had come in from below as it should be...


they had even left the spring clip off the old cage in the top of the box...so very lucky that didn't go down through the gears... 

So if anybody has a knackered R380 gearbox with a type B gear lever/selector, or has converted one to go into a Defender and would be prepared to send an unworn cast steel selector ring I would be very happy to purchase the same!


To access the top of the gearbox the wazzock had just cut through the rubber diagphram/gaiter/seal on top of the tunnel and then tried to stick it back together with gaffer tape instead of just drilling out the pop rivets  :doh:...the new one has gone back in with self drilling and tapping roof sheet screws...


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Welcome Alan,..... can't help with the selector I'm afraid but perhaps we should warn you that Land Rover owners have a varying range of skills!....  and one mans 'obvious' is a another mans 'mystery', It is why I like the forum and it's sharing nature. I am also guilty of making 'temporary' repairs that work for a while and get forgotten, .. it happens.

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It is possible that they thought the part had fallen apart and so rejoined it, they also may not have seen the loose clip if they did not look for it?

Alternatively it may have been deliberately done as before they could get a replacement first they would have to drive it?

Or as you say they could not be bothered with the complex solution and fixed it permanently.

As the clip was left in my fave is the first one.


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Yes I understand there are often reasons for bodging a job to get it done...just wish it hadn't been done to my Discovery!

I do make a habit of of buying old knackered machinery and rebuilding it to keep it going. I am a blacksmith and industrial power hammers and the like are unaffordable new...This Discovery is worse than most of those bits of kit which largely have worn shafts and bearings...but the worst was an old tele handler which I bought on its last legs and have spent hours undoing the bodge repairs on that... 

I am a blacksmith/artist craftsman and have a few decades of "doing it right" in my own work. But nonetheless I always appreciated the twist Oscar Wilde put on the old adage "If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well" his version is actually more realistic and logical..."If it is worth doing, it is worth doing badly" :)

I can't complain about the Discovery. It has been the least expensive motoring I have ever had. I bought it with 6months MOT for £700 and so far it has gone through 4 MOTs and needed a £35 drivers door lock, a brake pipe and £100 worth of welding. The gearstick was not an MOT fail!

When I first started training as a blacksmith I lived in a Series 1 that I converted with a bed, cooker and sink...best bed I ever slept in! To relive my youth I bought a Defender ten years ago but I proved to old and stiff to be able to drive it...so went on to a £400 MOT write off Discovery which I got part way through welding up, I had rebuilt the off side arches cill and floor front to back, before the current one turned up and I decided not to spend another week or two on the first one....



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I have had success. I contacted Ashcroft Transmissions and the next day the bits were delivered...excellent service, I can thoroughly recommend them. 

I had trawled through so many Discovery spares listings on the internet to no avail...I should have asked directly earlier.


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