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Im in the process of designing some lazer cut rings to use as beed locks. I know this is not always the best way although i dont have the money for split rims.

I am going to be using simex 35x11.50 r15 on these rings, my question is will the inside diameter of these be different to any other tyre with a 15 inch rim size? I ask because i have some 15 inch tyres off rims which i can take measurments off, without having to take the simex off the rims. I know in theary they should have but i remeber the rubber on the simex sloping in towards the centre of the wheel.

Even better anyone got a 15 inch simex they can quickly measure the internal diameter of?

If this is a stupid question and they are all 15 inch internal diameter i accept any stick u wish to give. :ph34r:

Thanks in advance

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