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Discovery 2 - Low Frequency Knock


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I'd be grateful for any thoughts on the reason for the subject problem.

It occurs only when turning right and mostly on fairly tight turns and at low speed, eg roundabouts.

The noise can be 'felt' in the cabin and it appears to come from the centre to rear of the vehicle.

Thank you for any help given.



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Thank you for your reply, Blanco.

With a worn CV on one side would not the effect/noise be felt on turning in the opposite direction, too?

And, to some degree when going straight ahead?

Finally, (sorry, for yet another question!) can wear in a CV be readily felt by jacking the car up (say)?


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Wear tends to be felt at the extremes of turning, where displacement from in-line is most pronounced. Due to the steering geometry the inside wheel always describes a tighter radius than the outside and will therefore 'knock' first.

I guess you could jack the car up, much easier to check on a ramp if you know anyone. Generally knocking while turning doesn't have too many possibilities. Check first the condition of the bellows, if that is toast and the joint has shed its grease then there's your answer.

Also it is quite a heavy job, requiring much force if the disc hasn't been off before or recently. If the disc is toast then beating seven shades out of it is fine, otherwise it can be quite difficult. Get round everything with  a wire brush and plenty of PlusGas beforehand.

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