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Getting my ex-MOD Wolf Defender registered


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I am new to this forum, and I am therefore sorry if this is an old topic for regular users but I have done a bit of searching on the www and found no definitive guidance. I was happy to purchase a hard top Wolf Defender 90 at auction a couple of months ago. It has needed some attention to sort out the electrics, but it is now ready for MOT. My first application to DVLA met with the reply “you need to get your vehicle MOT’ed before you can licence it for the road”. I have what I believe is the official decommission document as I bought from Witham. But the garage I tried to get the MOT done said they can’t touch it until it is registered and has plates. Does anyone know how I get out of this Catch 22? I feel either the garage or DVLA must be mistaken. Any advice gratefully received. Rich

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You should have form 654 decomissioning document?

From there a google search suggests v55/4 form

From hmvf forum.......When the vehicle was sold off from the MoD it will have been issued with a Form 654 "application for disposal of a cast vehicle' which enables you to register it for the roads. Before attempting to register the vehicle you will need to have insurance and a valid MOT. Both of these can be done on the chassis number. You will then need to take these, the 654 and a filled out V55/4 to the local DVLA office. You will need to pay the registration fee which is around £50 and pay for 6 or 12 months road tax at the same time.

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I am Vehicle Registrations Officer for the S2 club

To register a used vehicle for the first time you need to complete a form V55/5, send it off to DVLA with the appropriate documentation, in your case MOT against the VIN, insurance against the VIN, the "cast document" and whatever proof of your ID that they ask for and the fee which I think is £55 registration fee plus the tax.

All this is because now registration and tax are all done at the same time so you have to prove that itis road legal (it hasnt always been the case, they used to be separate).

You need to speak to the MOT station and ask them to check with DVSA if they are not sure but personally I would be looking for an MOT station that know land rovers and know what they are doing.

.(I heard of an MOT station that tried to fail a Wolf because they thaought the sparewheel mounted on the side was dangerous, fortunately the cars owner stood his ground and insisted they check with DVSA)



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Slightly off topic but also todo with the registration of the vehicle...

I am trying to register my Wolf SWB 300tdi MY 1998 outside of UK, for this I require a letter from the manufacturer certifying that the vehicle meets all EEC or ECE regulations requirements. I dont know if that is the same as the (COC) Certificate of conformity? For the COC i already asked my Land Rover dealer, who replied that it does not exist for the Wolf/my VIN number. Does anyone know if such a document exist or where i can obtain such a document?

Much appreciated. thank you!



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TTBOMK, there will not be a CoC issued through LR for Wolfs I'm afraid as they were never compliant.

We've had the same problem here and it is a #^$%^#$%@#%!@

Bon Courage

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Manufacturer not bothering to change production? But if there is no cert for your vehicle then you'll need an alternative approach to registration.


Perhaps your jurisdiction will allow it to be registered as something else? Modified vehicle? Agricultural vehicle? Historic? Light truck? Emergency services? There's usually a way around for non mainstream vehicles if you try hard enough.

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