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Simple seat mount - quickly detachable

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One problem with adding after market seats over the battery box on a defender is retaining access

This is my solution in case it inspires other people. I didn't need the passenger seat adjustable for front/back position so measured where I wanted it from the drivers seat

6mm x 50mm flat to form the seat mounts and 25mm x 6mm angle (carefully chosen from the pile of things I already have) 4 x stainless detent pins in double shear 

bet the rings rattle but easy enough to deal with if they do. Should also wire the pins so I don't lose them if I need to get at the battery when out and about


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11 hours ago, Badger110 said:

Bloody good idea that...well done.


As the seat isn't load specific you can get away with these neat little tricks

You'd be surprised how much load goes through the seat.

My S1 had car seats directly on the seat box and they have deformed an inch at least over the years.

I like the double shear butwould not be surprised if the flat bar doesn't sag a bit but not dramatically. The key part for my frame was to pass the weight to the front and rear of the seat box wich yours does also.

Unfortunately in a S1 seat base height is a problem as the original base is just a pad on the lid. Once you add car seats you have to lower the seat base as I just have on some Recaros so there is no room for runners. You end up looking through the top of the screen, I guess this is true for all Series hence to odd roof on Defenders.


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