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Starter Motor Issue

Jim Mason

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Out camping in Rosie, we just towed our trailer tent - weighs roughly 1.5 ton... 

Travelled 30 miles from home, got to camp site, due to que had to wait so turned off engine.

Was unable to restart, took a good 30 minutes almost as if she had to cool down.

Engine was red hot, but temp gauge never raised above its normal level.

Replaced Viscous fan last year, not entirely sure im happy with it. Used to sound like a jet engine the original one on start up, this one is silent.

What went so horribly wrong on me, did starter motor over heat...

Perfectly fine now, starts & runs ok.



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Ho dear, but it is a symptom of the “spider” going faulty… if the either the engine didn’t crank or if petrol there’s no spark at the plugs,

Whe the spider starts playing up the ‘unable to start’ gets more frequent, my immobiliser did for 8 months even disembarking from a ferry,  and a month  the finally gave up on the outside lane of a motorway…

So what was it no cranking or ignition with a petrol engine, of If diesel then it cranking or fuel.


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Dumped the spider a while ago, totally removed lump hammer and chisel job...

Got a secret switch to provide power to the fuel solenoid. This was kicking in, just not cranking over...

Spider was biting too much so i had to find a work around...

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