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I got one of these :


Its the 26. Glad I didn’t get bigger - I wouldn’t want any larger than this in the back of the 80”.

It’s used - but like new. Someone bought it for in their camper - but quickly upgraded their camper to something with a built in fridge. 

The manual lists at what voltage it cuts out, which was mentioned a couple of times in this thread:


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It is !  It’s a Dometic Cool Freeze CF26. 21.5L

I think this is the model before the current one - as it seems to be out of stock everywhere, having been replaced by a model with smartphone control - which I didn’t fancy.

Other than being a bit too big for my needs - one of the things that looked good to me on the Engel MR040, was that it had one moving part - with a dial for temperature. The one criticism I saw of that was that it set how hard the fridge worked rather than an actual temperature - so that when the temperature fell at night, it could end up freezing your food. 

I wanted something where you set the temperature - and then that’s it. So I’m liking this one - it’s a little noisier than I expected, but I think it’s probably working quite hard in this heat.

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I've got a few fridges dotted about in different vehicles, some thoughts on those if its of help -  a couple of old Waeco CF40s which have exceeded all expectation, only downsides are fragile lid & doesn't slot in as neatly with its more curved shape, though later models look better. Tried a tropicool thermoelectric which worked nicely as well, obviously not as good as compressor but big improvement on the standard halfords type boxes.

Engel 35 & 40l are what cockroaches will store thier beer in after armageddon. Lacking in features, neat shape, gets slated for lack of temp control but few fridges actually keep accurate temperature and it works fine anyway, tough as old boots, will not die.  Also had a little 20l one which I ran as a freezer, not very compact but worked ace. 

National luna weekender 50, very nice size, about same outside dimensions as engel 40, great storage baskets, can properly keep a good supply of food/drink and able to access it without it all getting smashed. Loads of features. Pricey but nicey but I have had some with issues with circuit boards and coolant leaks, though after lots of harsh use.  Generally very nicely put together, mercedes of fridges. 

National luna twin 50 - as above but with freezer compartment which is nice for chucking the weeks supply of meat in without getting blood soup in bottom of fridge, nice to have an ice cube for the g&t or chuck some lollies in. 

All the above have similar current draw, total power draw depends on insulation thickness (insulation jackets make a difference) and so does internal size & how much food is in there (so don't buy one bigger than you need). I've noticed some of the cheap modern compressor fridges (like the Bearmach one) suck quite a bit of juice.  Tip on installation - if you cant connect the power lead directly to battery, keep the supply wires as short as possible and heavy guage, even a small 0.2v drop over the lead makes a big difference to how well the fridges work with the engine off, cigarett sockets for example are no good. 

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I have a CFX45 - which was a bit bigger than I wanted when I bought it, but has turned out to be a good size.  I've used it continuously since 2015 - and I'm still really impressed with it.  Doesn't seem to use anywhere near as much power as my preveious Waeco one, half the size.  It will cool to below -20 but generally I leave it on 2C  I made a foam divider which sits above the cooling elements in the bottom, fo when I do want a freezer.  Set to -10C, the space above the foam sits around 2C.

I'd buy another one like a shot.  When I sold my last camper van, it was the only bit of it I kept - and built the new one around it.


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3 hours ago, simonr said:

I made a foam divider which sits above the cooling elements in the bottom, fo when I do want a freezer.  Set to -10C, the space above the foam sits around 2C

That’s interesting. Mine is a CFX35W which is a little smaller but I presume the same family and a chest type.

Although it will freeze, I have not thought to experiment like that. I’d still want mainly a cold space but maybe a sneaky freezer space would be good. Can you show or describe more about where the coldest space is? Is it all across the bottom?

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In the bottom of the fridge, you can see ridges in the metal where the coolant runs.  These are only in the bottom few inches of the tank.

I just cut a piece of 20mm Neoprene foam so it was a snug fit at the edges. 

Load up your ice cream, ice lollies etc in the bottom.  Push the foam down on top then chuck in everything else on top.

I believe they actually sell a manufactured version for some of the coolers - but where's the fun in that!


I've not been using it this year as I've been staying away from home for 5 days at a stretch - and need all the space for food, without the luxury of IceCream!

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19 hours ago, Eightpot said:

Always wondered how long ice cubes etc would last in a flask in the bottom of the fridge? Some of the modern wide neck soup flasks look like you could get a few choc ices in, or sawn off lollies 🙂

That's a clever idea!

I have a stainless vacuum cup (made by Oneisall) with a screw on lid, at work - mostly for keeping coffee warm.  That will keep coffee hot for 12h and drinkable for 24h.  Never thought of using one for ice cubes, inside a fridge.  I'll give it a go!

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