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DIY silicon door seals


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I really shouldn't think so much. It causes me so much grief.

My lightweight rebuild will need new door seals. These are non standard and it works out about £100 plus a door, that is, if you can find some. They also rot, as they have a steel "inner" that rusts.

I was wondering just how difficult it would be to make my own, matching the profile and with a stainless steel inner?

In silicon? 

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I thought there are company's that sell a range of generic door seal profiles on a role - would that suit?



This site has quite a few profiles!


Whether there's anything there that's suitable is another story!


P.S. What does the lightweight profile look like?

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That's very helpful, and I think my memory has deceived me once again.

My fabrication needs might be better served by investing in a finger brake thingy for my press. The seal is attached to a complex angle strip that's then riveted to the door.

This is the scrap version.



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I'm still debating that. I think if I could get it waterproof that would trump originality, but if I could get it to look original, ish, that works.

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You could try these people, https://www.par-group.co.uk/rubber-and-polyurethane/silicone-extrusions/

If you are feeling entrepreneurial it may be worth getting a quote for a bespoke extrusion , I got a quote for an industrial application, cant remember if it was from PAR but I was very pleasantly surprise by the cost. You need to pay for the tooling costs but the subsequent price per meter wasn't that much.


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