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Hi everyone,

Just had to share some good news with you.

In early december i had to sell my 110 and (with much reluctance) my Rangey.

Well, following a mild financial turnaround and a week of emails to my Rangey's new owner... she's coming back!

I will have my gorgeous baby back and i'm chuffed to bits about it.


I daresay i'll let you know once she's back. :D

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Good news Dunc,,

can not see that fine snorkel fitted yet ! :rolleyes:

Hello mate,

Snorkel is fitted, just that it was an old photo!

I took a great photo last year of the wife stood next to it when we were on radio duties on a rally and it looked ace. Unfortunately it seems to have abdicated...

Take another when she comes home.

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Hi Chaps,

Long awaited pic as promised of my baby, now she's back (and muddy) again.

As you must all now bear me witness, i am NEVER selling this truck. Even if the body rots away and i build a 100", she's here for good.



best thing, the Mrs is chuffed to bits to have the baby back...


Just got to sell the Volvo i bought and teh Series 2a now... :rolleyes:

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Are you sure you didn't sit the Mrs in the car and force her to look happy??? :ph34r:

I missed this last time round, but glad you are back in ownership!! Bet you missed it.......!!

Yeah, i did. Simple things in life that make you happy!

Didn't need to force S-J (check the Land Rover fleece), she'd just come back in it and i got her to stop so i could take a pic so that TJ doesn't tell me off for not fitting my snorkel again!


Oh, anyone got some flexi pipe so i can link my snorkel to my air filter?...

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Greenlane 4x4 is wher I got mine from....I think! Mark got one too and he'll know - his memory is better than mine!! PM him and I'm sure he'll tell you!!

Profile wise, it looks like this:


and finished with lights:


We had them slightly modified to have the number plate brackets put on. It means the lights are slightly closer together, but at least the front of the vehicle has a proper plate that doesn't interfere with the winch!

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No probs dunc :)

Next payday Greenlane will be getting a call!


I got my lights from them too, cheaper than eBay even!

Wiring is a bit of a b1tch, for an electro-phobe like me anyway.

Thoroughly recommend maplins double-pole single throw relays though! :lol:

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