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300tdi Oil thermostat

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Hi, the oil thermostat seems to be ERC5923, but the workshop manual shows a spring and 2 washers with it for which I can find no part numbers. They don't seem to exists in the parts catalogue. All the pictures of ER5923 just show the wax cartridge, except Turners who show a cartridge, spring and one washer. Any ideas? Are these included in ERC5923? Thanks Nigel

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ERC5923 is just the bulb thermostat, parts book only shows that, no mention of a spring or washer[s] 

my 200tdi has the same stat with the spring & 1 washer.

putting the part number in Brit-car website just shows the bulb thermostat [click on part number to see it] ERC5923

I can't find that part on the 300Tdi engine parts pages on Turners website. BUT its in the 200Tdi engine parts pages -----


Showings as OUT OF STOCK 

I have a couple of spare used ones here if it helps, happy to post a set.

I can't see a need for 2 washers on it, its only opens when the oil is hot enough to be diverted to the oil cooler in the radiator right hand side tank.

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Hi, Thanks Ralph, it is a bit of a conundrum, and thank you for the kind offer. At this point I don't need spares thanks, but the motivation was I think the O ring might be leaking slightly, so I thought while it is apart maybe I would replace the insides, after all the coolant thermostat seems to have a finite life so maybe this does, and I wasn't sure whether it was actually working, no easy way to find out. Then I looked in the WSM & parts manual and thought strange! Since posting this I have watched the Brittanica Restorations video on it, and I can see I can test the cartridge quite easily, and I don't suppose the spring and washers will be any the worse, I'll probably get a new cartridge anyway for what it costs.

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