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Fl2 breakdown and non start


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Hi. New to this forum but need  help with non start issue. Vehicle is a 59 plate freelander 2 td4 auto. Been totally reliable over last few years apart from the usual hdc fault when its really cold. Wife came out of work drove for a short while then it started juddering a bit then died. (The car not wife) all sorts of warning lights, low battery, transmission, reduced engine performance etc. Various acc stopped working mirrors, windows, cd player started going crazy. When pressing the start button solenoid would click, no crank  but display instruments etc would shut down. Put starter on a bench test. Would spin then shut down. New starter motor on and now cranks beautifully. Only dtc is p2562. After hours of resistance, continuity ground checks, fuel pumps etc i am stuck at no voltage on either reference or signal wire on the fuel pressure sensor but a good ground and on the pcv at the other end of the rail i have 10 vdc on one wire and not much on the other. Faint slightly modulated signal. Is it possible that this voltage is being shut down by another system to prevent starting via fuel shut off or more likely to be a random ecu failure? Car been stuck on drive for 2 months now. Any help or ideas appreciated. Have been through more tests also but as this post was getting too long already have left it for further info. Cheers

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