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Rear hub


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Help ! I took rear hub assemblies apart a couple of weeks ago and I can't remember the position of the spacer or which side it faces. Basically I've got two 52mm nuts, one tab washer and a spacer... does the spacer go on the spindle before/after hub assembly or between hub assembly and the first nut? Which side of the space goes in or out? Tried figuring it out by reviewing service manual and Les' post on bearing replacements but I wasn't able to see/understand. Thanks in advance.

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Guest diesel_jim
Doesn't matter that it's there, I just wonder why it is.

Les. :)

It would certainly be a handy place to keep a "spare" washer.... you can flatten them out a couple of times before the're brittle and finally snap, so keeping a spare there would be dead handy!

you're never going to lose it, unless your axle falls off and you don't notice. :rolleyes:

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